Protecting and enhancing your wealth

If you’re looking to protect and enhance your wealth, but don’t know precisely what you’re looking for, here are some of the situations our clients typically face, to help guide you towards the right solution.

Your questions answered

Personal financial planning

How do I balance my everyday financial needs with the savings I need for the future? 

Planning your investments

How can I plan my investments to preserve and grow my wealth?

Our investment philosophy

How can I create a personalised investment portfolio that works for me?

International financial planning

How do I manage my personal finances across different jurisdictions?

Managing a divorce

Managing a divorce settlement

How do I ensure the best financial arrangements are in place for my divorce?

Tax-efficient savings and investments

How do I make the most of the tax breaks available on investments?

Investment management private

Investment management – Private clients

How do I ensure my investments meet my current and future financial goals?

Tax services

Tax planning

How can I make sure I’m not paying too much tax?

Property tax issues

Property tax issues

How can I minimise my tax bill on my property interests?

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Protecting and enhancing your wealth

Protecting and enhancing your wealth

Preserving and growing your own or your family’s financial assets to meet your particular needs requires careful planning and expertise across a range of financial disciplines.

New tax year resolutions

New tax year resolutions

Six specific tax planning areas to consider to kick-start your new tax year resolutions.

Amiri Construction

Smith & Williamson advises Amiri Construction on succession planning

Smith & Williamson worked with the founder shareholders of Amiri Construction Limited to support their succession plans.

Pensions advice allowance

Pensions advice allowance

As part of the newly-introduced pension freedoms, the Pensions Advice Allowance was created to enable scheme members to access financial advice.



Between them, our people have experience of a wide range of businesses, across a number of industries.

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