Planning for care in later life

Healthier living and better access to medical care mean we’re all enjoying longer and more active lives. Planning for the long term can help ensure you have sufficient income to pay for any care you, or an elderly relative might need in later life.

70% of the UK’s personal wealth is owned by those aged over 55*, and their needs are changing as they get older and live longer. Increasingly clients are asking us if they have enough capital and income not just to enjoy retirement, but to cope with the escalating costs of later-life care. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding these later life issues, it’s important to have the right specialist advice, whether it’s to help navigate the complex and sometimes daunting issues of care costs and choosing a care home or understanding the legal issues around wills, trusts and powers of attorney. 

Our approach


You’ll receive a very personal service, tailored to your precise needs over the long term.


We can provide you with a single point of contact to deal with a wide range of later-life concerns, including estate planning, investment advice, tax and trust issues, legal questions and contacts with care advisers.


You’ll have direct access to in-house specialists, as well as advice from independent bodies such as Grace Consulting and Age UK, to guide you through all of the relevant information.


We don’t provide our own financial products so you can be sure you’ll get independent, fee-based advice on the widest possible selection of later-life care products.


How we can help

  • Expert forecasting: Evaluating your assets, income and expenditure to identify where there may be a shortfall or excess for later life.
  • Investment advice: Reviewing your investment portfolio to ensure your investments are appropriate to your current and future needs and in line with your attitude to risk.
  • Property: Exploring the use of property to supplement your capital and/or income.
  • Tax: Developing strategies to help transfer wealth to the next generation to manage your exposure to inheritance tax.
  • Choice: Choosing the most suitable type of care and ensuring it’s within your financial means.
  • Payment options: Helping you understand the different ways you can pay for care.
  • Legal help: Recommending legal advisers with experience of dealing with older people, their families and carers.

Our credentials


We build long-term relationships and have been advising some family clients over many generations. 


Named 'Top financial planning firm' by Find a Wealth Manager


Our team is made up of chartered financial planners, as well as chartered accountants, chartered tax advisers and affiliates of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners.

*Source: 'The Pinch' by David Willetts MP.

Contact us

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Sue Faiers

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